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These plays will be directed by Hannah Citrin and will be performed at the Alper JCC on Friday, May 16 at 8 pm and the following night under the stars at Pinecrest Gardens.  Each of the plays are one acts or 10 minute plays and have casts from two people to seven.  We will have more details later on each play in a bit.  You need to bring your best comic monologue to the audition! And bring it!

MCT Auditions Policies Open Audition Policy: Miami Childrens Theater prides itself on open auditions with the goal of offering as many opportunities to our young people as possible. Though quality is certainly important to us, offering young people a chance to immerse themselves in the arts is a bigger priority. If you have never auditioned for us before we encourage you to give our theater a try. Tuition: Miami Childrens Theater considers participating in a show an educational experience and indeed our shows are considered a class – Mainstage productions.  Tuition fee is necessary to subsidize the first class MCT faculty of professional directors, choreographers and musical directors.  This fee varies in accordance to the cost of doing a show – most notably shows that require an orchestra or additional faculty members / specialists. Students who are accepted into a play do not have to pay for costumes, props or any other incidentals – with the minor exception of MCT asking to supply generic items from home – i.e tights, black pants, dark shoes, etc. Scholarship and work study program applications are available for all plays. Can I do two shows at once? It is an important goal for Miami Childrens Theater to extend as many opportunities to as many students as possible. Doing two shows simultaneously deprives a student the opportunity to perform in a show. In addition, maintaining good grades is extremely important to Miami Childrens Theater and doing two plays at once literally could mean being in rehearsal six or seven days a week. Special permission must be granted by the directors of BOTH plays and a parent or guardian must approve of such a casting decision.